The Concept Explained

In 2013, Dutch physical therapist Thijs van der Hilst together with United Comfort Industries founded Pillowise, a new concept providing the best possible sleep support. With over 50 years of experience combined, the two forerunners in the sleep specialty business turned the idea of having 'your pillow size' into a concept as commonplace as having 'your shoe size'.

Thanks to their revolutionary initiatives, everyone can have their own custom-fit Pillowise pillow based on their unique measurements. We are proud to have more than 5,000 Healthcare Professionals and Sleep Specialists around the world recommending our great Pillowise products. The innovative algorithm has solved the "finding-the-right-pillow-quest" for so many clients. 

And now we take tailored sleep comfort to your children!

Don’t settle for bad posture

"A child's spine is like a Bonsai tree; it grows in the direction that you shape it. Through higher pressure, the cervical vertebrae flatten on the front side. As a result, the spine moves permanently into a different position."

It's important that your child's pillow is not too high nor too low. An appropriate pillow, one that is the correct height and shape, will adapt to the contours of your child's spine, is comfortably soft and gives great support. With our children increasingly using handheld devices and at a very young age, the risk of them developing a tech-neck is higher than ever before. With our pillows we follow the natural curve of the cervical spine to support your child's neck in the best possible way.

The benefits of healthy sleep

Children need proper support during their sleep even more than adults, because their bodies are still in development. Good posture during the day and night, will help prevent issues later in life. With Pillowise Junior, you give them the best possible support, while educating them on the importance of correct posture from a young age!

Children who sleep well also perform better. They are more active, social and concentrate better in school, have better resistance against illness and a reduced probability of obesity and ADHD diagnosis.